Woofound Compass

Create Accurate, In-Depth Personality Assessments in Minutes

Quickly Chart Careers Using this Engaging Tool

Reduce the time and expense needed to create comprehensive and accurate personality profiles for your organization.

Woofound Compass

Woofound Compass’s visually-based personality assessment tool allows you to precisely match job seekers and students with current openings, career paths and academic majors aligned with individual skills and interests.

Woofound Compass delivers accurate and comprehensive personality profiles that are considerably faster and less expensive than traditional test results. With increased efficiency, you may significantly expand the number of individuals completing your assessments.

College and University Usage

Help students from freshmen and adult learners to baby boomers seeking encore careers to more-precisely select careers as well as academic programs and majors.

Use Woofound to provide job seekers and students with the tools and resources needed to understand personality more completely - leading to better, more fulfilling jobs, experiences and careers.

Workforce Board Usage

Assess a wide range of job seekers: youth to elderly, minimally to highly-educated and those with limited English language skills.

Compass helps create an engaging introduction to career services while charting the next moves in job, career and educational plans.